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Looking for a dedicated and experienced book editor to make your book look flawless? Join our knowledgeable team of book editors that are capable of delivering comprehensive editing services.

We transform good books into great ones, for your success

Book editing takes a lot of time and might be intimidating, especially if you've just finished creating a novel. Furthermore, while editing your own book is fantastic, having a second set of eyes to review it objectively is essential. Leave this difficult aspect to us, and we'll make sure your narrative is handled correctly.

Regardless of where you are on your editing journey, our skilled book editors will thoroughly edit your manuscript and correct any errors to polish your book. We'll assess the developmental and structural aspects of your book, which includes the storyline, theme, characters, and dialogs, depending on the editing needs of your book and your budget. Copyediting and proofreading are also included in our book editing services, which help you enhance your manuscript for traditional or self-publishing.

A Vastly Experienced Team of Book Editors

Before selecting our editors and proofreaders, we carefully assess their competence in the industry. Our ghostwriters and editors hold advanced qualifications in English and come from a variety of backgrounds, hence they can work on a wide range of novels.

Our editors are well-versed in structural and linguistic editing concerns. We ensure that you get the publications that are well-polished, with the potential to be discovered by the traditional publishing sector as well as leading digital marketplaces. You may be confident that your edited book will bring you the success you deserve.

Types of Book Editing
Developmental Editing

When you submit your manuscript for developmental editing, it goes through a cycle of substantial editing, during which our book editors work on the story, plot, characterization, structure, and style of your manuscript. A developmental edit for a non-fiction-writing book entails double-checking facts, references, and focusing on the message's clarity. The final outcome is a clean draft that is ready to be copyedited.

Line Editing

Line editing, also known as copyediting, is used to check that your book has correct language, grammar, and punctuation. Our editors also focus on the consistency, repetitions, and factual accuracy of your novel throughout this process, which applies to both fiction-writing and nonfiction-writing novels. Make sure you don't confuse copyediting with proofreading by skipping this step.


When your work is finally clear of major blemishes, book proofreading serves as a final round of editing to polish your overall message. This procedure entails correcting typos, grammar, language, and any other faults that may have gone unnoticed so that your book seems smooth and polished. Your book is finally ready to be published once it has gone through all three rounds of editing.

Editorial Assessment

Our skilled editors read over the entire manuscript and provide criticism and insights pertaining to the storyline, structure, characters, dialogue, and consistency during the editorial evaluation. It differs from a full edit in that it just gives authors feedback, after which they must correct the errors themselves.